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SFGA 2020 Annual Conference

Sask. Fruit Growers Association and Sask. Vegetable Growers Association held their annual conference on January 25, 2020 at Smiley’s Event Centre in Saskatoon.   A full agenda included speakers as follows:

  1. Sask. Food Industry Development Centre (The Food Centre), Brev Chesky, Operations Manager-Food Processing-Pilot Plant spoke on the Food Centre’s role in growing value add in Saskatchewan
  2. Rajneesh Tyagi, CEO of Spectrum Technologies spoke on Beets for Ethanol
  3. Dr. Bryan Mood, PhD, U of S, Dept. of Soil Science spoke on shelterbelt carbon sequestration
  4. Connie Achtymichuk, Provincial Specialist, Vegetable Crops with Sask. Ministry of Agriculture spoke on Safe Food for Canadian Act-Update by CFIA and also on the vegetable Strategic Field Project Updates
  5. Forrest Scharf, Provincial Specialist, Fruit Crops with Sask. Ministry of Agriculture spoke on Spotted Wing Drosophila on fruit.