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SFGA is a grower-directed association dedicated to the production and marketing of premium quality Saskatchewan-grown fruit. A voluntary non-profit association, the SFGA is interested in the development of a strong and vibrant fruit industry.

To meet industry needs, the SFGA works with researchers, government, processors and consumers. We collaborate with these stakeholders on research, market development, quality standards, and other initiatives.
Members receive: listing on the SFGA website, annual membership directory, bulk purchasing discounts, member pricing for industry education and activities, and other benefits.

The SFGA is incorporated under Saskatchewan’s “Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995“, and follows a constitution originally formulated in 1988 that has been amended most recently in 2010.
The Constitution indicates the objectives of the association are:
a) Holding an annual meeting for consideration of questions relating to the production, marketing and processing of fruit.
2) Demonstrating desirable production techniques, merchandising practices and research projects by means of field days, exhibitions and competitions.
b) Collecting and making available to its members useful scientific and general information on producing, storing, packaging, processing, transportation, marketing and utilizing fruit crops.
c) Collectively working on means of supplying quality certified planting stock in bulk to members of the association.
d) Expanding markets, improving trade relationships and promoting consumption of Saskatchewan fruit crops and fruit crop products.
e) Cooperation with government agencies, educational groups and other agricultural and horticultural groups in furthering research and the welfare of growers relating to the fruit industry.
f) Working on ways and means to determine and assure fruit growers receive a fair compensation for their fruit crops and fruit crop products.
g) Using such other means as may from time to time seem prudent and desirable.

For a copy of the SFGA’s constitution, please see: Constitution

There are no SFGA sponsored events planned in September or October. Please check back in November for updates.

The University of Saskatchewan Fruit Research Program often provides workshops. Industry members are advised to check its “Event Page”.

The SFGA offers two membership categories:

The membership fee was reduced in 2019.

The Associate member was discontinued.

Active Member – $150/YR + GST

Active members will receive the SFGA member guide which lists all members, discounts for bulk plant material and supply purchases, reduced registration fees for workshops and conferences, and the right to vote. Eligibility for active membership requires that the interested party be engaged in growing at least one acre of fruit with the intent of selling the fruit commercially or through U-Pick.

Affiliate Member – $150/YR + GST

Affiliate members are not able to vote in SFGA matters. The only requirement for affiliate membership is that you have an interest in growing fruit and that you do not have more than one acre of fruit planted.

Associate members will receive the SFGA member guide, and space in the member guide for a one page advertisement. As well, they will have the option to sit on strategic committees but are not able to vote. Associate membership is intended for individuals or business entities who plan to sell products or services to the rest of the membership.

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Mark Hodgson

Mark is the past SFGA President and the owner (along with his wife Susan) of Hodgson Farms located South-east of Melfort Saskatchewan.  Mark and Susan grow a number of fruit and vegetable products including strawberries, cantaloupe, rhubarb, potatoes and a number of other vegetables.

Mark has also been active as a Member of Prairie Fresh Food Corporation (PFFC), a cooperative that markets vegetables and fruit (primarily to The Grocery People).

SFGA’s 2021 Executive Board includes:

President; Don Martin

Vice; Charles Sudom

Nomination Committee Chair;  Louise Ortman

Members at Large;
Will Stafford

John Hyshka

Merv Zurevinski

Audrey Jeffery

Alec St. Marie

Forrest Scharf, SK Ministry of Agriculture – Ex-Officio

Kaytlyn Criddle, AAFC – Ex-Officio

Dr. Bob Bors, U of S – Advisor


SFGA’s 2020 Executive Board includes:

President; Don Martin

Vice; Charles Sudom

Members at Large;
Will Stafford
Louise Ortman

John Hyshka

Merv Zurevinski


SFGA’s 2019 Executive Board includes:


Don Martin


Merv Zurevinski

Members at Large;

Will Stafford

Louise Ortman

Kathy Adams


SFGA’s 2018 Executive Board includes:

Mark Hodgson

Vice President:
Mervin Zurevinsky

Kirk Flaman

General Board Members:

William Stafford

Mark Reed

Ex Officios:

Forrest Scharf (Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture; Provincial Specialist, Fruit Crops)

Kaytlyn Criddle (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Senior Industry Development Officer)

Affiliate members are not able to vote in SFGA matters. The only requirement for affiliate membership is that you have an interest in growing fruit and that you do not have more than one acre of fruit planted in Saskatchewan.

Affiliate Membership costs $150/YR + GST

Many of the affiliate members do not have sufficient production to be classified as commercial growers. Most new entrants to the fruit industry do not, so they maintain affiliate status until production levels increase. Other affiliate members grow fruit as a hobby, have strictly academic or professional interests, and can maintain affiliate status for the long-term.

Canadian fruits and vegetables have always been recognized for their high level of safety and for their positive impact on the health of consumers. Recent cases of food-borne illnesses have increased consumer awareness of the potential for contamination of produce. In order to reassure buyers.

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