Saskatchewan Fruit Growers' Association

Eat local! The local food movement happening across Saskatchewan is not just a passing trend, but an important shift in the way we feed ourselves and our families.

The way you choose to eat affects more than just your health and lifestyle. By choosing to eat locally you are conserving energy, helping to keep your local farmer in business and you are also helping to preserve the natural landscapes in Saskatchewan! This website is your guide to local fruit in Saskatchewan, and you are just a few short clicks away from finding delicious wholesome fruit in your own backyard.

The Saskatchewan Fruit Growers' Association (SFGA) is a grower-directed association dedicated to the production and marketing of premium quality Saskatchewan-grown fruit. A voluntary non-profit association, the SFGA is interested in the development of a strong and vibrant fruit industry.

To meet industry needs, the SFGA works with researchers, government, processors and consumers. We collaborate with these stakeholders on research, market development, quality standards, and other initiatives.

Members receive: the Prairie Fruit Journal, annual membership directory, bulk purchasing discounts, member pricing for industry education and activities, and other benefits.